Roman smelling flowers

I need to start a new widget on the side for all of the things that Roman says that make me laugh, but I haven’t done it yet, and I had to write a couple things down. This kid is just so funny; I love seeing how his little brain is putting all the pieces together. For example, he won’t just ask for a drink; he will ask for a drink and explain that he needs it because he is so thirsty. Or that water is really good for his body, so he needs to have it. He’s very thorough in his reasoning. The other day we needed to go to the park because he needed his exercise. Well, I guess I can’t argue with that.

Here are some of my favorites:

“Mom, you’re my favorite boy in the whole world.”

“That car has two pipes for racing.” Or, similarly, “That car has pipes so it’s really, really loud.”

While running around the living room panting, “I’m exercising,” or “I’m jogging.”

And now that he’s actually watching shows (instead of just having them on in the background while he plays), he’s starting to repeat things he watches. There’s an episode of Word World in which Pig is allergic to peaches and keeps sneezing, but no one understands why. So now, on any given day you will hear Roman during nap time saying, “A- A- ACHOO!” and when I tell him that he needs to be quiet, he will tell me that I need to get all the peaches out of his bedroom first.

And these pictures are from the other day at Costco. As soon as we pull up, all he can think about is getting samples and smelling the flowers. I love this kid.

Roman smelling flowers

Roman smelling flowers

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