Livia is walking!!

Finally, finally, finally!! I am just so excited that Livie is walking. And it is once again amazing to me how closely Livia is hitting the same milestones as Roman; she’s only a couple weeks ahead of him walking. She had been taking a few steps here and a few there for the last week. Then, around Thursday, she started to take some practice walks to and from the couch and entertainment center. Then on Sunday-BOOM!- she’s up and walking like a pro!

It is just so much easier, I think, to have a walking baby than a crawling baby. She couldn’t be put down anywhere outside without getting completely dirty; she had to remain in the stroller everywhere we went and was getting pretty annoyed about it; and there is an entire section of her closet that has dresses that she hasn’t been able to wear yet because she would have destroyed the front trying to crawl in them. But no more. Dresses everyday, all day!

Here’s the monster in action last week (please forgive the toddler fit at the beginning of this video):

And this is this past Sunday:

I am just so proud of her. And this is a big milestone for all of us. No longer are we a family with a toddler and a baby; we are now a family with two toddlers. Lord help us.

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Marc Riesenberg