Kids' Milestones

Boy Meets Girl. Has Boy & Girl.

The development of the Pace/Riesenberg family and a record for the kids to use in the impending legal action.


Sea World!

I have been wanting to mix up our pretty regular outings to a park or to the WAP, so we have been heading down to Sea World during the week, and the kids are loving it! I need to take more pictures next time, because there is a children's area--Elmo…

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Bay Area Visit!

Be prepared for an overload of new posts. We have been so busy and having so much fun that I simply have to post about it all. First up: our trip to the bay area. I decided to head up to the bay area with the kids for a quick…

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Livia is Ten Months!

Are we really less than two months away from this girl's first birthday?? Totally nuts!! We were in Seattle when she officially became ten months old, so this post is a little behind (sorry, monster!), but absolutely necessary to do because this little one has gone from baby to little…

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Easter and More!

Okay. I have been totally dropping the ball on updating this thing, so let me do a quick recap on what we have been up to. Mostly playing at the park, taking walks down to get frozen yogurt now that it is getting so warm out, and watching the kids…

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Our Chunky Monkey!

So Liv had her 9-month appointment on Friday, and it is official; Livia is a total chunk! Her stats were 21 lbs 13 oz. and 28.3 inches. This places her in the 90th(!!) percentile for weight and 67th for height. I asked her pediatrician if this was a problem,…

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Happy Easter!

Livie had her first visit with the Easter Bunny today. She and Romey did very well; it probably helped that I bribed Roman with a cookie if he gave us a nice smile. Hey, when all else fails: bribery.…

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I am telling you, she learns a new trick every single day. We have been giving her a little bit of water with lunch and dinner, but we have always had to hold the cup for her because she usually just holds the cup upside-down and chews on the bottom…

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Just Like Daddy.

Roman has been able to do "imaginative play" with his cars and construction trucks for quite some time, but now his imagination is starting to get bigger and better. In the last few weeks he has started to walk to the front door and say, "Bye, mama. I go to…

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Livia is Eight Months!!

Time continues to fly right on by, and Livia continues to grow like a little weed. She has hit so many milestones so quickly that I hope I am not missing anything in this post. And I really think that it is so funny that I was so concerned about…

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Liv's Six Month Check Up.

We took the monster girl in to the doctor's today for her six month check up, and she is growing like a little weed... well, I shouldn't say little weed, but a rather robust weed. Today she weighed in at 17 lbs 3oz, and measured 26.25 inches. This puts…

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