We had an absolutely wonderful time at the Del Mar, no, wait, strike that, the San Diego County Fair. Roman was big enough to ride so many of the little-kid rides by himself this year that we bought a pile of tickets and let him go nuts. He kept saying, "let's do another game!!" It was probably also the healthiest trip to the fair seeing as Marc no longer eats sugar and I am trying hard to lose these last ten baby pounds, but we still made an exception for a funnel cake. I mean, it's just not a day at the fair without funnel cake. We also won a couple of toys; a red race car pillow and a weird monkey coming out of a banana peel, because again, a fair to me = carnival games and crappy prizes. Roman was actually pretty excited about the race car pillow and sleeps with it all the time. And I must make an apology to Livia, because she was there, but we don't have a single picture of her because she was mostly hanging out in the stroller or with the person taking the pictures of Roman on the ride. We are the worst. Sorry, Monster.






I think Rome's favorite rides were the helicopter, the tea cups, and the airplane. I went with him on the teacups because he wasn't quite big enough to go by himself. He had been on the tea cup ride at Sea World, so he knew that I could make it go faster so he kept yelling, "Faster! Faster!" and I had to hold on to his little body sometimes because I would spin it so fast that his little body would whip around, and he thought that that was just the best. I can't wait for next year when Liv is big enough to go on the rides, too.






Marc Riesenberg