Roman's Milestones

Featured 12.9.13: Roman (finally) poops in the potty.
8.2.13: Roman's first night sleeping without his "baba."
7.1.13: Roman climbs the staggered bars at the playground all by himself.
6.20.13: Roman lets the dental hygienist clean his teeth without fussing.
2.25.13: Roman's favorite phrases: "I like it." "Pretty neat, huh?" "Ooh. What's that sound?" "Hi. Nice to see you."
2.6.13: Roman sings the full ABCs.
1.15.13: Roman uses the potty.
12.5.12: Two-year check up: 32 lbs 8 oz., 35.5 inches.
11.5.12: Roman starts speaking with more combined words.
10.6.12: Roman counts to three.
8.31.12: Roman says, "red," while eating raspberries.
8.29.12: Roman's first combined words are "one more."
8.27.12: Roman asks for milk without prompting.
6.29.12: Roman's first trip to the fair.
6.16.12: Roman "tells" his first story (about a fly hitting him in the face while we were at dinner).
5.29.12: Eighteen-month check up: 27 lbs 9 oz., 33.66 inches.
3.2.12: Fifteen-month check up: 25 lbs 12 oz., 33.75 inches.
2.23.12: Roman is officially walking.
2.22.12: Roman's first haircut.
2.16.12: Roman walks down the hallway (twice!).
2.14.12: Roman's first trip to the dentist.
2.12.12: Roman chips his front tooth.
2.10.12: Roman takes five steps all by himself.
1.16.12: Roman gets his first molar.
1.16.12: Roman claps!
12.9.11: Twelve-month check up: 24 lbs 12 oz., 30.75 inches.
11.17.11: Roman says "dog."
11.15.11: Roman can find the dog in his books.
11.4.11: Roman starts mimicking sounds.
11.3.11: Roman starts asking "dat" (that).
10.27.11: Roman starts dancing.
10.15.11: Roman starts "cruising."
10.6.11: Roman gets stuck standing up in his crib.
9.25.11: Roman says mama (a real "mama") for the first time.
9.19.11: Nine-month check up: 22 lbs 14oz, 30.75 inches.
9.13.11: Roman pulls himself up to standing.
8.11.11: Roman waves goodbye.
6.28.11: Roman takes his first crawling "steps."
6.19.11: Roman feeds himself a puff.
6.17.11: Roman sleeps through the night.
6.17.11: Six-month check up: 20 lbs 4 oz., 28.25 inches.
6.15.11: Roman's first fishing trip.
5.30.11: Roman's first swim.
5.23.11: Roman uses his sippy-cup on his own.
5.20.11: Roman starts sitting on his own.
5.19.11: Roman starts making clear consonant sounds: Ba, Ma, and Da.
5.6.11: Roman's first camping trip.
4.21.11: Roman's first flight.
4.19.11: Roman starts rolling over (back to front).
4.14.11: Four-month check up: 18 lbs 6 oz, 27 inches.
4.01.11: Roman's first tooth appears.
3.29.11: Roman has his first bite of "solid" food.
3.17.11: Roman weighs in at 16 lbs 3 oz.
2.19.11: Roman's first snow day.
2.15.11: Roman's first big laugh.
2.02.11: Two-month check up: 13 lbs 14 oz, 24.5 inches.
1.23.11: Roman starts rolling over (front to back).
1.21.11: Roman starts sleeping in his crib.
12.25.10: Roman's first Christmas.
12.18.10: Roman's first road trip.
11.28.10: 7:53 pm: Roman makes his arrival! 8 lbs 12 oz, 19.5 inches.